Worldwide Chants for commercial use

Chants For Commercial Use

View our data catalogue here to see a summary of the 30,000+ chants in the archive, including the countries and teams we have coverage for and the metadata we provide with each chant.

The FanChants apps have been downloaded over 1.5 million times and we have a highly engaged audience who submit new and interesting content on a daily basis. Our content is used in a myriad of creative ways - TV, social media and web. In particular the catalogue is a perfect mobile content time filler. 

- 400 (and rising) teams covered to an encyclopaedic extent

- 30,000 audio songs and chants 

- Regular, new, interesting, time relevant content - perfect for mobile time filler products

- Mobile content

- Soccer content

- Sports content

- Audio sports content

- Ringbacks and Ringtones

- World Cup Brazil

Founded 2006

For commercial use of chants please contact: [email protected].

Our past partners have included: The Sun, The One Show, BBC Radio 2 and other sporting advertising companies.

Last updated Thu 19 June

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